Welcome to MOPS Spring 2010!

Welcome to our spring 2010 semester of MOPS! What a privilege it is to come together and RELAX while our children are so well-cared for! Our hope is that you will be encouraged as a mom, that you will grow as a woman, and that you will thrive in friendship! Let’s challenge ourselves this semester to step out of our comfort zones, to take a risk, and to pursue deeper connections with others! Let’s be open. Let’s be real. Let’s love each other deeply. You might try sitting next to a mom you don’t know at your table rather than your best pal. Or you might extend yourself to set up a play date or go to coffee with another mom. God might be waiting to bless you through a new friendship! And don’t hesitate to allow yourself to be blessed by our incredible mentor moms! Ask for advice! Ask for prayer. You will only be able to receive as much as you open yourself up to be filled.

Praying God’s abundant blessing on our time together!

Love and hugs to each of you!

-Carli, Melanie, and Dawn


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