MOPS Mother’s Day Spa

We need your help!  We are planning a spa day for our group and need you to help us find people to volunteer their services with the chance to reach 140 women in the community.  We need hair stylists, makeup artists, massage therapists, estheticians, dermatologists, and beauty professionals.  We are encouraging them to have products and services on hand that day.  This is a great opportunity to bring in new clientele for their businesses.  For more information please click on the fliers below to print out and bring to your beauty professionals.
Click HERE to view printable version of flyer and application

2 thoughts on “MOPS Mother’s Day Spa

  1. If anyone is going to the Picky Eaters thing tonight can you get copies or write down the main points? I was planning on going but something for my nephew came up that is important for me to go to. Thank you! Kim Kirkland

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