Spring 2012 Registration

It’s almost time for Spring 2012 MOPS Registration!  Returning Moms should download the forms and write your checks out to Grace Baptist. These will be due the last MOPS meeting on December 15th. To guarantee your spot you must hand it in by that date to your Table Leader with full payment.

Please let your friends know that open registration for all other Moms will be December 16th – January 6th. They can drop it off at the Grace Baptist with the receptionist in Building D or mail it it to GBC. The address for GBC is on the form. We will take all applications as they arrive, filling up the childcare as we go. If need be a wait list will be created. We will contact all drop in/mail in registrations to confirm that they are in or are on the wait list.

Please check the dates of the meetings with your schedule and if you find that your schedule causes you to have conflicts with the dates, please consider if this a commitment you are able to make at this time.  We are looking forward to seeing you in the Spring!


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