A New Season

Beneath my son’s high chair, cereal and yogurt scatters the floor — evidence of his rejected breakfast. Scouting ants have begun to investigate the perimeter of the disaster zone, carrying choice crumbs off to their lair. In the next hour, I’m sure they’ll call for backup, and the yearly invasion will begin.
Meanwhile, my hair mirrors the state of the floor – yogurt smears and all. I tried to shower, but mere seconds into the shampoo, my son decided to take the opportunity to empty the bathroom drawer of all its contents. I opened the curtain to see him chewing on a waxing strip. Guess I’ll sport Kahlo brows for one more week.
On days like these, it’s easy to feel a mess. Motherhood is messy. With yogurt crusted across his nose (cause he just won’t let me wipe it off) my son finally naps peacefully on the bed beside me. Then, I forget about the ants, and the shower, and the long list of un-done to-dos. His soft breath tickles my arm; I admire his long lashes as they rest on his round cheeks. In the middle of chaos, God has given me this little boy: a perfect reflection of His love for us. My son is God’s masterpiece. I, too, am God’s masterpiece. (Ephesians 2:10) How quickly I forget to breathe in this Truth.
I pick cereal off my baby’s shirt and begin to restore order, uncovering serenity one cheerio at a time.

– Kellie, Blogger for MOPS at GBC

This semester at MOPS, we will continue to discover the masterpiece in the mayhem. Meanwhile, we’re going to try something new with our MOPS at GBC Blog!

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