How do masterpieces begin?

At our first meeting, Pam asked, “Do you feel like a masterpiece?”

No, many silently answered. At least, not often. Maybe not even half the time.

The private confession echoed through Table Time, as we came up with adjectives to describe a masterpiece. Our table leaders then asked:

Would you use these adjectives to describe yourself?

A masterpiece. Unique. Treasured. Carefully crafted.

Wonderfully Made.

Pam continued, “How do masterpieces begin?”

A paint splatter on canvas. A line of pencil on a page. An accidental wrong note.

A Cheerio on the floor.

“Masterpieces,” Pam continued, “start as a mess. And over time, they become something beautiful.”

We were reminded that through the mess, something beautiful is crafted. Out of mayhem, a masterpiece blooms.

“You’re in the middle of your story,” Pam said. “There is a reason for these messes. Maybe we don’t see it yet. But we are becoming that great masterpiece.”

Did you have a moment this week where you paused and thought: “Mess? Or Beauty?” Were you able to find the beauty in the mess?


One thought on “How do masterpieces begin?

  1. One of the girls at my table commented that the difference between Gods masterpiece (us) and a physical piece of art is that art created by people is static, never changing. We as Gods masterpieces are ever changing and constantly being refined and improved. I thought that was really well said. and Even if we dont feel like at master piece now we are a work in progress prefectly created by God for his purpose and to him we ARE a masterpiece even in the middle of what we call a beatutiful mess.

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