Mops Swap Baby | One Mom’s Trash …

… is another Mom’s treasure!

We’ve got a MOPS Swap happening this week! This is an opportunity for you to clear out all those items that are just sitting around cluttering your closet, your attic, under your kids’ beds … under your bed …

On Thursday, Feb 20, bring all things BABY – Clothes, toys, accessories, blankets … We’re looking for *Gently* used items that you think might bless another mom.

And remember, you don’t have to bring something to take something!

In the vein of “cleaning up the mess”, why don’t you set a “Spring Cleaning” goal for yourself! Is there a room you’ve been wanting to tackle? Maybe a closet full of junk? Or perhaps your back patio could really use a sweep. Challenge yourself to pick one physical area of your house that you want to tackle this week.

And to all you ultra-clean moms out there (NOT me!), what’s your plan of attack for your chores each week? How do you stay on top of things?


13 thoughts on “Mops Swap Baby | One Mom’s Trash …

  1. Been working on cleaning the kitchen cabinets and pantry lately, I guess that is my “spring cleaning”. I’m overall an organized person, could would on cleaning more though 😛

  2. I never have time to clean an entire room. I pick one part of a room. Sometimes that doesn’t even get completed, especially if you have a 2 year old trying to help (but actually making it even messier), and a 4 month old crying the second you place her down.

  3. I try to maintain daily like sweeping wiping down counters etc. I also keep my focus on the higher traffic areas like the kitchen and living room. Doing this seems to cut down on the long hours of cleaning which I dread and just don’t have the time for with a busy toddler.

  4. I’m cleaning out that garage. Too much furniture from my husband’s grandparents house. Thanks for the reminder to start spring cleaning. I have also made a list of one thing each week to attach. This week other than the garage – the hall closet!

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