What to Do Wednesday | Baby & Toddler Storytime

On Wednesdays, we’re going to send around fun ideas for you to do with your children!! These will ideally be simple and cheap or free.

(As a side note, recently I was searching for something to do on the weekend and I came across the online Santa Clarita Calendar. I love this resource because it has a whole list of practically everything that’s going on in the SCV, every day of the week. I used this calendar to find some of the fun things we’ll be sharing with you!)

Baby & Toddler Time
All SCV Libraries
Cost: FREE!

scv library logo

Okay this is seriously adorable. Plus, it’s FREE. A docent reads the kids a story, we sing hands-on songs, they pull out all these toys that interact with the story, and it’s appropriate for even the littles. I started taking my son to these events when he was 6-months old and he still got a kick out of it, because the docents have so much energy when they’re reading their stories. So go check it out! It’s such a great way to spend your morning.

Click the flier below for story time hours at your local library:



7 thoughts on “What to Do Wednesday | Baby & Toddler Storytime

  1. Thanks for this segment! I can’t wait to get some new ideas of how to have some fun with my littles! Loving the blog…thanks Kellie! 🙂

  2. We also love library story time! The city really does offer great expos and other weekend activities that I wish we would try out more often.
    We go to plays at COC, but I forget to check out local theatre shows on Main Street.

  3. This is great info, but I can’t find the MOPS calendar of events for Spring 2014. I can pull up past calendars only. What am I missing….please help a lost mops mommy

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