Table Leader Tuesday | Meet Lisa!

Tell us about yourself and your family: 

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and moved down here for college in 1999. My family followed shortly after, and we all settled down here. I met my husband, Brian, here at Grace, and after dating for 3 months, we got engaged. Our engagement was LONG (13 months), but we made it through. This June we celebrate our 10 year anniversary and are very excited for a nice long, no kids vacation! Two and a half years ago, I had my son, Hunter, and before he was one, I was pregnant with McKenna. These two little beings (who each weigh less than 30 lbs) have completely altered my life! I left my teaching job and decided to be a stay at home mom! Best choice of my life!

How long have you been in MOPS? How long have you been on leadership?

This will be my 5th semester with MOPS and my second as a table leader.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom of pre-schoolers?

Getting to see both Hunter and McKenna experience something for the first time is amazing! Something as small as tasting a lemon, to learning how to jump, talk, blow kisses, you get the point. The hardest choice I made was to stay home and leave a job that I loved and that I was good at. I traded that in to take care of two completely dependent beings who are still learning to say thank you and please, have yet to say “I love you” without being told to, and whose little worlds revolve around themselves. It is the most amazing job in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything (most days:)). Even more important than getting to see these firsts, I am learning for my first time what it truly means to be a child and thus understand more God’s love for me and how I can better love them. The plan He had for our lives all comes back to Him and His glory, and I have never so deeply understood that until these past few years!


3 thoughts on “Table Leader Tuesday | Meet Lisa!

  1. I’m glad that staying home has worked our for Lisa- for some it does, and for others they feel they needed work to balance themselves out. I was so worried that when I left my job that I’d regret it/ miss using the scientific part of my brain/ feel isolated etc. And it was scary to know I wouldn’t be able to just go back to my boss and say I changed my mind! However, I’ve been a homemaker for about 9 months now, and I haven’t missed work even once! I feel so blessed and lucky to have this time with our kids!

  2. It is so true that although we have to teach manners to our children, we don’t really need to teach them to say our show their love for us. One of the sweetest gifts we receive daily! Thanks for sharing!

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