What to Do Wednesday | Double Feature

If you Facebook, you may have seen some of these ideas on the new site, SCV Events & Activities. If you’re not on the site, you should definitely ask someone to add you, because there are some pretty fun and free events listed on there!

Frozen Mondays

I’m sure you’ve all had it up to *here* with Disney’s new movie about the sisters and the snow and the reindeer. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER! I just found out that Ice Station does Frozen Mondays. Basically you come and you skate to the soundtrack of Frozen. Some of you will be so excited to discover this. Some of you will hide this new knowledge for fear of your kids finding out.

Frozen Mondays

Now, since that’s a late night for our youngest kiddos, I thought I’d do a double feature today.

Feed the Ducks at Bridgeport

If you’ve been to Bridgeport and seen the pretty lake nestled in the neighborhood, you might know the draw of this relaxing area. I love taking walks around the lake and through the new marketplace.  Fun Fact: You can feed the ducks for 25 cents, which is really fun for the kiddos. Mine tries to eat the duck food. We’re working on it. The dispensers are right by the pond on the CPK side of the walk.

Image from http://otas-usa.com/bridgeport-marketplace

Image from OTAS


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