Foodie Friday | Cake Pops

Foodie Friday is a day late this week but I promise it’s worth the wait! Here’s a tutorial on Cake Pops from Erin W. 

How To Make Cake Pops:

So I’ve been baking for about 10 years and I’m very passionate about it. I bake everything from scratch … except for cakepops! I have tested and tried different ways to make cake pops and I finally got it down. So I will share with you my tips and tricks to making a great cake pop.

Supplies Needed:

  • A Box cake mix & ingredients for it
  • A Can of Frosting
  • lollipop sticks
  • Candy/chocolate melts
  • Styrofoam block or cake pop stand
  • Parchment or wax paper

Cake pop flavors: yellow cake, vanilla frosting. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting. Strawberry cake, strawberry frosting. etc. 

– First step is to make your cake according to package directions. When making cake pops I always use only half the oil that the box calls for. This helps to make the perfect consistency for the cake pops.

– Next completely cool your cake! Once this is done the real fun begins:
1. Get a large bowl, break off big chucks of the cake and use your hands to crumble the cake into fine crumbs. If there are any hard edges on the cake you can cut them off and discard them. Don’t try to crumble them. (you can use a food processor and pulse it put I find it’s way more fun to use my hands)

cake pop 1

2. Add a small amount of frosting to the cake crumbs and thoroughly combine using your hands. Then continue to add a little bit more. Your going to use half of the container of frosting maybe a bit more. Tip: Never use the entire container. The consistency should be like clay

cake pop 2
3. Now your mixture is ready to roll into balls. You can use a small scoop if this helps, I use my hands and just eye ball it. Scoop some of the mixture into your hands and form a ball about an inch to an 1.25″ big. Try not to make them much bigger then that. Place the balls on a parchment lined baking sheet or plate  and place them into the freezer for 15-20 minutes. I like to do about 10 balls place in the freezer and then make more balls while the first set is getting hard so by the time I’m done rolling all the balls my first set of balls will be ready to go. Cake pops are a time sensitive process, if you leave them in the freezer for an hour you would need to let them sit out for a bit before dipping.


4. Now melt your candy/chocolate melts. I will either use Wiltons candy melts or chocolate from Clarice’s. You can buy Wiltons at Walmart or Michael’s. I always microwave my candy. The key is to start at 45 seconds then 10-12 second intervals after that. Stir in between each interval.  Don’t burn your chocolate. Stop heating once chocolate is melted. Tip: To get a smooth finish on your cake pops the chocolate must stay warm. It’s ok to add more chocolate to your bowl and melt.


5. Dip one end of the lollipop stick into the melted chocolate and then gently push it into a cake ball until it’s half way through. Place on your lined plate. I do about 8-10 then place in freezer or fridge and work on another 8-10 while the first batch is staying cold. Once you have put sticks in all the cake balls your ready to dip the the balls in your chocolate. just remember to work with a few at a time.

6. Tip: A tall narrow bowl works best for dipping. Dip each cake pop straight down until it’s completely covered. Don’t stir the ball around in the chocolate. Pull the cake pop straight up. Gently tilt the pop at an angle and gently tap off the excess chocolate. Then place your cake pop in the Styrofoam block.

cake pop

7. Decorating: You can use sprinkles, colored sugar or candy. However, if your going to use any of these you need to put them on the cake pops while the chocolate is still wet. So, usually you can dip 2-3 pops then put your sprinkles on. The chocolate dries pretty fast. If not using any of these items to decorate you can use a different colored chocolate and drizzle it on the pops after they dry. You could do polka dots, stripes, put a star or heart at the top…the possibilities are endless. Tip: Don’t over think the decorating piece of it. Just do what you want they will turn out awesome! Also, it’s ok to serve your cake pops upside down in a mini cupcake liner.


I prefer to keep my cake pops in an airtight container in the fridge or you can individually wrap each pop and tie with a ribbon. Hope this step by step on how to make cake pops is helpful to everyone Enjoy and Happy Baking!!!


11 thoughts on “Foodie Friday | Cake Pops

  1. I happen to know Erin W. Is right on with these cake pops. They were delicious!!! These instructions are also spot on. My first solo try was a success!

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