Table Leader Tuesday | Meet Lorraine

We took a few weeks’ hiatus but now we’re back! Sorry for the gap – reorganizing and such. Anyhow, we’re back with Table Leader Tuesday! Meet Lorraine 🙂




I’m Lorraine and blessed to say a Lewis, marrying Jeff was an answer to prayer.  I am grateful no matter my circumstances because in Christ there is always reason to praise Him and coming from a dysfunctional childhood I can attest my scenery today is quite lovely 🙂  

This June we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, alongside our three children; Olivia 9, William 6 and Morgan 3.  

The greatest change in becoming a mother was transforming from designing lingerie to a stay at home, home schooling mother.  The birth of our daughter marked the most intentional seeking of the Lord to direct our lives as we were now responsible for the nurturing and rearing of another other than ourselves.  

Together our family shares the joy of music, creation science, humor and time in Santa Barbara, often vacationing in a family friends home.  The vast ocean and toes dug into the sand can bring such a sense of peace, immediately I am humbled in recalling all the Lord has bestowed upon my life.  

One blessing was in finding MOPS 8 years ago, some of my dearest friendships are from the extraordinary women I have met and being a Table Leader for the past 6 years fills my heart to minister during the season of motherhood.  I tell my trio often that I had a wonderful life before they were born, but because of them my life is even better… it’s true in every facet 🙂


6 thoughts on “Table Leader Tuesday | Meet Lorraine

  1. Loraine you are a true blessing to many who need hope after a turbulent childhood and your choice to use that experience strengthening your walk in faith as a wife and parent ! Whilst we can’t always choose our childhood chapters we can choose how we embrace marriage and motherhood along with the peace in our hearts and home !
    Thanks for sharing and leading !!

    • Thank you Lyndsey for your grace and encouragement 🙂 Being a part of MOPS blesses me with such mothers like you!

  2. Tammy your transparency in Leadership Meetings have been my privilege in praying over you and getting to know you 🙂

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