Table Leader Tuesday | Meet Stephanie



Tell us about yourself and your family

Hi, I am Stephanie Carlson.  I am 36.  I have been married to Tim for almost 8 years.  We met on Eharmony and were married within 9 months of meeting each other.  We were blessed with a honeymoon baby even though we were planning 2 years before having kids.  From there, we had 3 more.  John is 7, Andrew, 5, Elizabeth, 3, and James is 1. 

Before kids I was a special education teacher and I worked with students with severe disabilities.  I enjoyed my job, but with all the changes occurring in education I am happy to be home with my kids.  I homeschool John and I love having the freedom to do things with them that I would otherwise not be able to do, like vacation in October and go beach camping for a week with my parents.

How long have you been in MOPS? How long have you been on leadership?

I have been in MOPS for 6 years and I have been on leadership for 2 years. 

What is your favorite thing about being a mom of preschoolers?

I love the innocence of the preschoolers.  I love nurturing their walk with the Lord.  I love that small things are exciting and there is adventure in every corner of the backyard.  I love their cuddles and kisses, reading books to them and watching them play in the mud.

What were your thoughts when you found out you were pregnant with your first child? 

WHAT!?!   John was a honeymoon baby.  We were planning on waiting at least 2 years before kids we were taking precautions.  I couldn’t believe it! I took way too many home pregnancy tests out of disbelief.

What is your favorite thing about MOPS?

My favorite thing about MOPS is the friendships I have made.  I moved to SCV from Orange County when Tim and I married.  I worked for a year and by the time I had John I didn’t have any relationships that could help me through my transition of newly married, new to the area, leaving a new job, and home with a new baby.  I craved returning to Orange County and everything familiar.  Because of MOPS, I now have friends that I can count on, rely on, and my kids have friends.


3 thoughts on “Table Leader Tuesday | Meet Stephanie

  1. I love that you met your husband online! I met Brent through! I always say, “It works for some people!” Ha! your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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