Finding Courage – The Courage to Face Your Mom Fears

Today’s post is from Rachel B., a member of our hospitality team.

What is your biggest fear as a mom? Where do you think this fear comes from?

My biggest fear as a mom comes later in life when my children are out of the house and living on their own. I am not going to be there 24 hrs a day to protect them. I feel that this fear is a natural fear that comes with being a mom, but also has to do with what we see on the news. School shootings, bombs set off in public places, etc. I pray that Jesus keeps his loving hands upon them always.

Share your story: What are some of your biggest fears as a mom? How do you overcome these fears?


7 thoughts on “Finding Courage – The Courage to Face Your Mom Fears

  1. My biggest fear is my children not accepting the Lord Jesus as their savior… at the end of the day, that it’s my only goal. Diseases and bass stuff happen, but the security in Christ it’s all we have.

  2. I fear that one of my kids will not choose to walk with The Lord. But I entrust them into His hands for His glory alone, not my own.

  3. I totally agree with Rachel. I try to stay in the now but it’s so easy to worry about the future. I wish I could just put my son in s bubble to keep him safe all the time! Lol

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