Finding Courage – The Courage To Raise Brave Kids

Today’s post comes from Kim K., one of our table leaders!

Hi MOPS moms!
I have been asked about “The Courage to Raise Brave Kids” and to be honest I don’t know exactly how to answer that…because I think I lack courage in areas….especially the areas where there is confrontation involved…you see I am very much a people pleaser….It is not something that I am proud of….it is something that I have struggled with my whole life…
But as a result of that people pleasing I have found myself “afraid”  and not having courage out of fear of offending others even when I know I am right….having children honestly has allowed me to become more “brave” because I am finding myself wanting to protect them so much that I am willing to step on peoples toes if I feel like it is detrimental to my children…
For example….and this might sound simple and silly that this would even be an issue for me…but it is….:-) the other day a neighbor boy was over at our house and he said the Lords name in vain…now in our house…we DO NOT SAY that….Cooper (my 6 year old son) looked at me out of the corner of his eye to see if I heard it….I sure did hear it and now I had a choice…a choice to say nothing and therefore teach my son hypocrisy (how I felt)….or say something to this boy at the risk of making this boy feel uncomfortable but therefore teaching my son that you know what is right and you need to voice it….if you want my full honesty…I battled for a minute….but ultimately making this child uncomfortable for confronting him was way more worth it if it was teaching my son that the Lord has given us His Word and it clearly states in the 10 commandments to not take His name in vain… it is worth it to me to allow my son to see me stand firm on what the Bible says even if it makes me or the boy uncomfortable….do I wish that Cooper had said something?  Sure I did….but I pray that in time that he as well as my daughters grow up seeing my attempts to becoming more “brave”  so that it will let them stand firm in their relationship with the Lord and be “brave” themselves…
So to all those other people pleasers out there….be “brave”….our kiddos are watching…..Love you gals!!
Share Your Story: What are your biggest fears about letting your children take risks? What do you do that is brave that models courage to your kids? What is one thing you can do this week to raise brave kids?

7 thoughts on “Finding Courage – The Courage To Raise Brave Kids

  1. Thank you for the reminder that our children are always watching! How will they learn to be strong and courageous in the Lord if we don’t model it? Great job!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kim. And thank you for the reminder that our kids are watching. Let’s be brave because it’s right and brave because they need us to be!

  3. Thanks Kim for your share! I too have struggled with being a people please! Reading the book boundaries by Henry Cloud helped me a lot! I have realized over time that the first step to being brave was the hardest but over time it has become easier to set clear boundaries and be brave!

  4. You were the example of how you desire your children to stand on behalf of their faith and this neighborhood boy may have heard the very seed that the Lord can now nourish 🙂

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