Brave Finances – Chore Charts

As a follow-up of Brendi Heter’s talk last week, we did a little research of our own! (If you missed her Brave Finances talk, you can download it here)

For those of you looking for a list of “kid-appropriate” chores, here are a few good lists (click to make images bigger):

Age appropriate Chores

(from The Happy Housewife)

Chores for Kids

(from Living Well, Spending Less)

And were you interested in some adorable chore charts to encourage your kids to participate? Check these out!

This velcro one is so simple, and could be color coordinated for each kid:

Velcro Chore Chart

(found on My Name is Snickerdoodle)

I love that this one is just a printout – you don’t have to assemble anything and you can change the chores each week:

Simple Chore List(found on Thirty Handmade Days.)

This one is particularly useful for those of us wanting to coordinate cash with chores:

Work for Hire Chores

(found on The Chic Site)

We want to hear from you!! Do you have any ideas of your own for chore charts? What chores are you having your kids do at home, and how old are your kids? What’s your policy on paying your kids for chores?


9 thoughts on “Brave Finances – Chore Charts

  1. I love the “age appropriate chore charts”. I have a bad habit of underestimating what my little ones are capable of doing, to contribute to keeping the house neat and tidy.

  2. We haven’t decided exactly what will become “commissioned” chores and what will be just part of being in our family but I have given my 5 year old a couple of opportunities to earn quarters for “extra” chores and she has been so excited!

  3. Finding balance between responsibilities vs. chores is important. My oldest, five, has responsibilities that include taking care of his personal space, aka his room, setting the table, and bringing in the trash cans on trash day, and general help towards chaos control. However, whenever we give him an extra job or he willingly chooses to tackle a larger than normal job, aka he cleans up the whole playroom with zero complaining, we will reward him with “commissions.” His desire to earn money hasn’t really come up unless he wants something in particular. When that situation arrises he discuss it and have a plan to earn money. I’ve taught my kids the phrase “many hands make light work” so that they know when we are all a team we can get through the jobs faster and play sooner. This includes taking on responsibilities with mommy. I like the “work for hire” idea. That they can take on extra responsibilities to earn cash. Great idea.

  4. Our girls are 5 and 6. They are currently responsible for feeding the cats each day, keeping their rooms tidy, helping with trash, cleaning bathroom sinks, dusting, clearing their plates, and folding some of the laundry. We have not started allowance yet because to be honest we don’t have the $ to spare. We would like to pay them for certain extra tasks although some are considered personal responsibility. When I’m consistent (which sadly isn’t as often as I should be) we try to give them stickers or candy or let them pick out a small treat when we are grocery shopping. I’m curious what amount a normal weekly allowance would be for elementary age children?

  5. My almost-3 year old’s favorite chore is helping me clean her fingerprints off our GIANT floor to ceiling wall mirror. Good thing because I would go nuts trying to keep up with her fingerprint “art.” We don’t pay for chores yet because she is still eager to just participate in helping, but stickers are her great motivator when she needs it. I’m savoring this stage while it lasts!

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