What to do Wednesday – Toddler Activity Bags

Looking for a collection of fun stay-at-home activities? These also double as great car or travel distractions, depending on the contents of the bag!

1. Velcro Craft Sticks – I mean, who doesn’t love velcro?? I bet you could take this one step further and print out shapes for the kids to copy with their sticks (squares, triangles, etc)

Velcro Craft Sticks

(found on Living Life Intentionally & Desert Chica Ramblings)

2. Add some markers or crayons to a bag with these Blank Faces and kids can use their imagination to add all sorts of fun expressions!

Blank Faces

(found on U Create, with free printable!)

3. Always a hit, these lace cards can fit in a busy bag, and they’re easy clean up. Either you can make your own by punching holes around the edge of foam shapes, or you can buy them pre-made:

lacing cards

(Found on Amazon)

4. Paint Chip Matching: AT LAST! Something useful I can do with all those paint chip cards I’ve collected :S

Color Match

(found on The Rigneys)

5. Paint with water: This is genius. All you need is construction paper, a kid-friendly paintbrush, and water. No mess (except for water spills of course!)

Paint with water

(Found on New England Nanny)

We want to hear from you!! Okay Mommas, what about your great ideas? Any “Activity Bags” that your kids love?


6 thoughts on “What to do Wednesday – Toddler Activity Bags

  1. Great ideas! We started collecting those baby food pouch tops when C was little. Now we have a jar full of all different colors. We use them to teach color identification and sorting. We do the same thing with a $1 bag of craft puff balls from Dollar Tree. Plus, those double as pretend “food” at tea party time!

  2. Pipe cleaners and a strainer. Egg carton with pom poms and tongs for patterns and fine motor/hand eye coordination. Glue magnets onto pom poms and prong dot a dot temples for use on a cookie sheet. I’ve done busy boxes with books and activities in them too. They are great for during dinner prep at the table.

  3. I organized a busy bag exchange a couple of years ago. My contributions were pipe cleaners and pony beads for “stringing” and “button snakes”…. sew a button onto about 9” of ribbon, cut felt shapes with a slit in the middle and let your kiddos practice “buttoning.” Fun!

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