Welcome Back!!

Ladies! Mops is back. I don’t know about you, but it was long awaited over the holidays. So glad to see the familiar faces and some new ones.

As the semester gets rolling we will be doing blog posts and sharing them on the Facebook site and our Instagram account. This way you’ll never miss a thing!! Oh, wait, you didn’t know? We have a new IG account. Search for us, our account name is gbcmops! Both ways are great for keeping in touch with your fellow mops moms at your table and the group as a whole.

Our first speaker’s talk is up on the new link for the semester. Feel free to share with friends, family and those at your table who might have missed the talk. You can find it under the ‘speaker downloads’ page or click here. Let your friends and family know that due to microphone difficulties the audio cuts in and out for the first three mins, but to keep listening because the entire talk was recorded.

We hope you will feel blessed and a sense of community at MOPS! We love walking along side of you and can’t wait to see what this semester holds!


One thought on “Welcome Back!!

  1. I’m having trouble accessing the recording of your talk last week. It says I need to request access. Can you give me access with this email please?

    Thanks, D


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