Speaker links

We’ve had some amazing speakers this semester and so blessed to hear their words of wisdom. There were many who had books to sell and websites with great resources.

If you weren’t  able to pick up a book or lost the flier with their website, you are in luck! We’ve got a list of the speakers and their sites for you!!

February 18- Kristie Chrisite “Eliminating Entitlement: Raising Compassionate Kids” kristiechristie.com

March 3- Leanna Tankersley “Finding Breathing Room When Life Feels Overwhelming” leannatankersley.com

March 17- Amber Lia “Angry Mom: Biblical Gentle Response to Your Trigger” motherofknights.com

April 7- Jim Burns “Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality” homeword.com

April 21- Pam Farrell “Red Hot Monogamy” love-wise.com

If you’ve missed any of the speakers check out our speaker downloads and listen at home while you wear your yoga pants and drink your microwaved coffee!!


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