Veteran MOPS Mamas Tell All!

Well, hello there, MOPS mamas! Who’s excited for Fall semester to start this Thursday?! I know I’m enthusiastically raising my hand while typing 🙂

Today’s post is aimed at those of you who are new to MOPS at GBC this semester! Some of you probably attended the New Member Orientation and are feeling very informed about what Thursday (and the rest of this semester) will look like! If not, don’t fear. It’s easy and fun, I promise!

In the spirit of getting to know everyone, I thought I’d take it just a step further to help you prepare, by polling some of our veteran MOPS Mamas over the past few weeks. My question to them was:

MOPS BLOG 090616.jpeg

For some of them, it was simple stuff we all take for granted (see: “where’s the coffee?”). For others, it was about opening up and trusting the wonderful women you’re about to meet at your new table. But there’s definitely one thing we all have in common: no matter how many years you’ve been coming to MOPS, there’s ALWAYS excitement in the air on the morning you come back after summer!

So, as you read these tips below, I encourage you to take a deep breath, relax and reflect about what YOU hope to get out of this semester. Open yourself to becoming one of the Starry Eyed. You just might surprise yourself this year!

“It’s cold in that room! Bring a sweater or light jacket!”

“It’s ok to ask for prayers, no one will judge, they are there to pray for you and help you thru this season 😃”

“You are welcome to help yourself to the coffee kiosk in the back kitchen area. I didn’t know this my first meeting and thought everyone entering the kitchen area worked there and were getting things ready for breakfast.”

“You’ll get as much out of this experience as you’re willing to put in….if you don’t open up, others might not feel comfortable to either. Odds are that if you feel a certain way there is AT LEAST one other woman going through the same thing.” 

“Don’t forget about the Grace Cafe (here’s a link, so you can find it on Thursday). Also, if you have a noisy little one, the meeting will be broadcast on speakers into the conference center, so you can still hear the speaker even if you’re outside the meeting room.”

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there & speak up during table discussion. Everyone is nervous to meet new people, but the great thing about MOPS is that we’re all in the same boat. If you speak up, most likely you’ll find at least one mom at your table who can relate…. And she is probably relieved that she’s not alone!”

“There are styrofoam cups available in the coffee area, but I always bring my own big one from home so I don’t have to refill it during the speaker! ;)”

“Definitely make your meals simple when it’s your turn. Try to find something that you can make ahead. Then you can just throw it in the oven in the morning and carry on with your already chaotic morning. We’re all just happy to enjoy a meal that we didn’t have to make ourselves!”

“MOPS is the one day I have an excuse to get dolled up! Not every mom does this. You’ll find all kinds of moms; workout mom, comfy mom, going out mom, ponytail mom, baseball cap mom…every kind of mom is represented, so wear what you’re comfortable in!”

“If you don’t like to cook, Panera Bread and Marie Callender’s both have delish quiches! Panera’s are individual smaller ones that are hot and ready to eat and Marie Callender’s have whole pie pans that you just pop in the oven morning of and you’re all set!”

“If you see a fellow momma who looks lost or has her hands full, ask her if she needs help! You just might make her morning!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know where to go or who to talk to! We’re all here to help! And don’t be afraid to open up and share who you are cuz it takes a village to raise these crazy kids and when you open up it’s a lot easier to find that village!”

“This may seem simple, but the restrooms are right outside the meeting room to the left! I searched around for it awhile and it was right under my nose the whole time!”

“If you’re not sure where your table is, there’s a poster board directly inside the entrance to the conference room that maps out the tables and whose is where. This made finding my table immensely less stressful.”

“GO TO ALL OF THE MOPS ACTIVITIES IF YOU CAN! I made some of my best friends at things like Bunko Night and the park playdates. It’s great to get to know your table at the meetings themselves, but the relaxed environment and kiddos getting to know one another and play makes it easy to become great friends outside of MOPS… and that’s the whole point!”

I hope you found these tips helpful, mamas! Some of you veterans probably did, too! Feel free to comment below if you read this and thought of other tips you’d like to share here with the group. And if you’re not already a member of our Facebook Group, please join us: MOPS AT GBC.

The countdown begins! Only two mornings to go until MOPS Fall 2016 Semester begins! I can’t wait to meet you all and I hope you love our group as much as I do!




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